Message of Managing Director

Mohammad Kabir Hossain

Managing Director

The GLT Group is expanding day by day. By the grace of Almighty, everything worked out for better, and today the company—which at first had nothing more than a burning desire to achieve—is one of Bangladesh’s most reputable and successful real estate company. We have formed a set of fundamental principles and aggressively enforce them to make sure that everyone in the firm upholds them. At the outset, we uphold the concept of integrity, which goes beyond honesty, and we think that everyone will have the same values. Every new hire is informed right away that any deliberate violation of our core values won’t be accepted. Since our establishment in 2010, we have maintained and expanded upon our capabilities in the industries that served as the group’s pillars: real estate and liquefied petroleum gas. In the current corporate environment, maintaining trust is more crucial than ever. Wherever we operate, we make an effort to conduct business in a way that demonstrates our dedication to strict moral principles, dependable institutions, and effective corporate governance. The GLT Group desires to build on the tremendous goodwill we have gained from our commitment to business ethics by continuing to provide clients with top-notch service and interest. My sincere gratitude is extended to our management and personnel. They contributed a lot to the development of GLT Group. We would like to express our gratitude to Almighty Allah for expanding and expansion of our business.