01. Interested buyer shall apply for allotment os apartment(s) in a prescribed application form of the company.

02. Applicant and nominee are both will provide 2 copies of passport size photograph, national ID/ TIN certificate, photocopy of birth registration must be submitted.

03. On acceptance of an application & reciept of the booking money, the company will issue an allotment letter in favor of the applicant along with the schedule -payment of the balanced amount of the apartment price allotment is being made on first come first basis.

04. All payments shall be made in accordance with “GREEN LAND TOWN DEVELOPMENT LTD.” by cheque/ Bank draft/ Pay order and Accept money reciept given by the company.

05. Overseas buyers can pay the same amount in foreign currency via TT or Bank Draft.

06.Utilities, project development charges and service charges such as secuirity deposits, taxes, vat, ait, stamp duties, registration fees, documentation charges land/road maintainence (cutting/filling for service line connection/repair) costs, mescellaneous charges & other incidental expenses relating to gas, water, sewarage and electricity connections, individual house plan approval from RAJUK etc. are not included in the price of duplex houses. The company will make these payments directly to the morities concerned and the allottee/s shall pay the same to the company from time to time. Due to policy of govt. if any delay occurs any utility and documentation matters. “GREEN LAND TOWN DEVELOPMENT LTD.” will not be responsible.