Md. Anas Miya

Operation Director

I was raised in an open and vast surrounding filled with greenery with simple and calm life compared to the compact and busy atmosphere in Dhaka, so we wanted to recreate a similar environment here at the Harmony City. Being brought up in a surrounding with spaciousness is very important for the generation ahead and for their mentality.

One of the five fundamental needs for human beings is living place, so we’ll try to make it as complete & comfortable as we can. May Allah the most gracious stay beside us the whole way.

It is a crucial fact to build a sustainable residential infrastructure for the mass populated country like us. I am honored to be a part of this ambitious project “GREEN LAND TOWN”. We can assure this apartment project is going to be a landmark of Purbachal town for its eye catching design and grand size.

Join us, be a part of our project. Discover the joy of living in harmony.